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Canadian Reels Listing - Page 1

I can only provide very short summaries of most of these companies as there is very little information known about many of them. When I started building this site, I gave each reel company its own page, but soon realized that there wasn't enough information or supporting graphics to make the pages interesting. This section of the site will be constantly updated to include new reels as they surface and information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience on this section of the site.

Wooden Peetz Reels & Boxes

Information provided by Terry Venables...thanks again Terry! Peetz Reels 1924 – present

Established by Boris Peetz (1883-1954)

Boris Peetz was born in Moscow in 1883, and immigrated to Canada in 1910 where he worked as a silversmith at the Argus works of the Canadian Pacific Railway. In 1911 he moved Westward to Victoria BC where he spent several years trying to establish himself in the silversmith & jewellery repair business.

The first PEETZ reel was likely produced in 1924 while he was still engaged in the jewellery business, but he soon realized his true calling in life & began to make the now famous PEETZ reel and established a business in Victoria.

This first model was stamped “The Pacific Reel” not marked Peetz. Many adaptations & modifications of this reel were made over the years, including several sizes from 4” to 7” and also recorder models which measured the amount of line that pulled off the reel. He also made barrel swivels, 3 different spoons and rods for fishing the Pacific salmon runs that were so plentiful on the West Coast and around the Victoria area. Boris continued to run the company (along with his son Ivan & daughter Judy) until his death in 1954. The Peetz family continued to run the business until 1977 when it was purchased by Bill Hoosan and it was renamed Peetz manufacturing 1977 Ltd. The company remains in his hands today, still making solid wood reels in the time honoured tradition.

Antique Lucky Strike Trolling Reel

A nice Lucky Strike trolling reel. According to records, there were only about 1000 of these reels ever produced. These reels were produced between 1936 and 1939.

Old Branson Kawartha Fishing Reel

Shown here is the "Kawartha" bait casting reel. According to Bill Edgar, the Branson Manufacturing company was founded by Jack Branson and was responsible for tooling the machines to produce the Lucky Strike trolling reel shown above. I have also seen a trolling rod and handle stamped with the Branson Manufacturing name, so it appears they had a line of fishing reel products to their name.

Vintage M & G TF-1 Fly Reel

A picture of an M & G TF-1 Fly Reel from the M & G Metal Ltd. company out of Montreal, Quebec. This advertisement was found in a 1945 Hunting and Fishing in Canada magazine...this is all I know at the moment.

Antique Thomas Cemm Reel Collection

A beautiful collection of Thomas Cemm reels from Canadian collector Terry Venables. I believe these reels were made in the 40's in Vancouver. The lures shown include "The Lune for fly fishing, The Severen for trolling and The Humber for bait casting.

Champion Fly Reel from V.P.W.

Shown in the advertisement and picture here is the Champion fly reel from Victoria Precision Works out of Montreal, Quebec. The reel was made out of light aluminum and dates to the 30's and 40's.

Old Laurentian Fly Casting Reel

The Laurentian Fly Casting Reel made by Lawson Machine Works out of Montreal, Quebec. According to the advertisement which came from a 1945 Hunting and Fishing Canada magazine, Seven Industries Ltd. were the sole distributors of the Laurentian line.

Vintage Ambassador TML Reel

A very cheaply made Ambassador TML reel which was made by Tugg and Mason out of Toronto, Ontario.